GFCI Wiring

The GFCI may have different construction, but the basic methodology is the same. If the GFCI is used as the local disconnect, be sure to mount it in view from the equipment compartment of the spa and at least 5 feet from any inside wall of the hot tub.

Note: The white pigtail attached to the GFCI is always connected to the Neutral Bar in the GFCI box, NOT to the ground lug.


With the main house power OFF, the appropriate gauge wire is run by an electrician from the house breaker box to the GFCI box.


The wires from the GFCI breaker box are then run to the hot tub.

Note: The neutral wire should be installed first on the breaker shown here. The connection for it is below the red load connection, near the back of the enclosure. Removing the breaker can make the wire insertion easier as well.

Securely tighten the connections when the breaker is properly installed.


The wiring should look like this when complete.


Note: Spas that are dedicated 240V do not require a neutral wire from the GFCI to the spa.

Is the GFCI Circuit Breaker Tripped?  

YES         NO