Auxiliary Freeze Switch Connected to J15

1.Check the Surface Temperature of the Item that the Auxiliary Freeze Switch is Mounted On using a Digital Thermometer.
2.If the Surface Temperature is At or Below 55°F (13°C), Select "Aux Freeze is At or BELOW 55°F (13°C)" Below.
3.If the Surface Temperature is Above 55°F (13°C), Select "Aux Freeze is ABOVE 55°F (13°C)" Below.
4.If you Don't Know the Surface Temperature, or the Auxiliary Freeze Switch is Not Accessible, Select "Don't Know Aux Freeze Temp" Below.

Note: In this Case, you are Checking the Surface Temperature, so do not use Other Spa Water Temperature Values if you Checked Configuration Setting Values earlier and you were asked to Note Other Temperature Values for the Diagnostics.

Aux Freeze is At or BELOW 55°F (13°C)

Aux Freeze is ABOVE 55°F (13°C)

Don't Know Aux Freeze Temp