Button Presses for GFCI Trip

This instruction is a reference and takes you through the Edit Menu, into the GFCI Submenu.

The installer can cause the GFCI Trip Test to occur sooner by initiating it with the following button sequence.

Note: Each press must be within 3 seconds of the previous press.

Press “Warm”, then “Jets 1”, then “Light.” Press the “Warm” button repeatedly until “gFC” is displayed. Press “Jets 1” to select it. Press the “Warm” button until “gtn” is displayed. Press “Jets 1” to initiate the GFCI Trip Test.

The GFCI should trip within several seconds and the spa should shut down. If it does not, shut down the power and manually verify that a GFCI breaker is installed and that the circuit and spa are wired correctly. Verify the function of the GFCI with its own test button. Restore power to the spa and repeat the GFCI Trip Test.

Once the GFCI is tripped by the test, reset the GFCI and the spa will operate normally from that point. You can verify a successful test by navigating to the “gFC” item as described above, pressing “Jets 1” and then pressing the “Warm” button until you see “gSP”. The code signifies GFCI Status - Passed.

The system will exit this menu in 30 seconds if no buttons are pressed.

Problem May have been Corrected - End Test

Additional Help Is Needed