Diagnose Configuration Error

1.Turn OFF the Power to the System and Turn it back ON again to put System into Priming Mode.
2.Press any "Cool", "Warm", or "Temp" Button to Exit Priming Mode.
3.After about 45 Seconds, Check for Error Messages on the Topside Panel Display.  If there is No Error Message, Select "No Error Message" Below.   If there is Now an Error Message, Continue to Step 4.

No Error Messages

4.If there is Now a "CFE" or "CONFIG ERROR" Configuration Error Message and you want to Recheck the Configuration Settings, Select "CFE or CONFIG ERROR Message" Below.  If you have not been able to Correct the Configuration Problem, and you would like additional help from Balboa, Select  "Additional Help Needed" Below.  For any other Error Messages, Continue to Step 5.


Additional Help Needed

5.If there is Now a Message Other than a "CFE" or "CONFIG ERROR" Configuration Error Message, that Message will Now have to be Diagnosed.  Select "Message Other than CFE or CONFIG ERROR" Below.

Message Other than CFE or CONFIG ERROR