Diagnose Heater Overheat Error


A Heater Overheat Error Message may indicate Excessively High Heater Temperatures which can Scald or Burn!


If the Heater is Not Cool Enough to Safely Service, allow the Heater to Cool before Continuing Testing.

Heater Not Cool Enough to Safely Test - End Test

A Heater Overheat Condition that generates an "OHH" Error Message is Most Likely the result of a Low Flow Condition.  Therefore, "OHH" is considered to be a Flow Related Error.

Check for All of the following Conditions:

1.  Low GPM.

2.  Low Water Level.

3.  Blocked Suction Fitting.

4.  Blocked Skimmer.

5.  Dirty Filter.

6.  Too Many Closed Jets.

7.  Closed Slice Valve.

8.  Heat Related Pump Not Running.

9.  Heat Related Pump Not Primed.

10.  Malfunctioning Impeller.

11.  Incorrect Heat Related Pump.

12.  Circ System Misconfigured.

13.  Sensor Malfunction.

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