Heater Start Up

1.If the System is still in Priming Mode, Press any Temperature Button to Exit Priming Mode.
2.Make sure the System is in the STANDARD Heating Mode.  If it is not, Set to STANDARD Mode Now.
3.After the Heating Related Pump has operated for at least 2 Minutes, read the Current Water Temperature on the Topside Panel.
4.Adjust the Set Temperature at least 1 degree Higher than the Current Water Temperature.

Note: If the Current Water Temperature is already near 104 degrees, it will be necessary to either Cool the Spa Water or wait for the Spa Water to Cool before the Heater can Start.

Water is Too Hot - Test Later

5.Wait 1-1/2 to 2 Minutes for the Heater Start.  When the Heater has Started, the Heat LED will be on Solid (Not Flashing), and/or the Heater Icon will Indicate the Thermometer Segments Rising from Bottom to Top.

Verify that the Heater has Started and is Now ON, or the Heater Started and was turned OFF with an Error Message on the Topside Panel.

Note: If the Heater has Not Started and there is Not an Error Message on the Panel, the Heater will have to be tested before Flow Related Error Testing can Continue.

Heater did Not Start and there are No Errors - End Test

Heater Started but was turned Off with an Error Message - Continue

Heater has Started and is Now ON and Operating Correctly