Sensor B Failure - Switch Sensors

1.If Sensor B has been Replaced in a Previous Step, Select "Sensor B Has Been Replaced" Below. If it has not been Replaced, Continue to Step 2.

Sensor B Has Been Replaced

2.If Sensor B has already been Switched in a Previous Step, Select "Sensor B Switched Previously" Below.  If this is the first time, Continue to Step 3.

Sensor B Switched Previously

3.If Sensor B has Not been Previously Switched, Turn OFF the Power to the System and Continue to the next step.
4.At the System Board, Unplug Both Sensors from the "SEN. A" and "SEN. B" Connectors at the Bottom Edge of the System Board, keeping track of Which Sensor is Plugged Into Which Connector.
5.Switch the Connections by plugging the one that was plugged into "SEN. B" to "SEN. A", and the one that was plugged into "SEN. A" to "SEN. B".


Sensor B Switched to A - Continue