Detailed Priming Instructions

In Priming Mode, Nothing  turns on Automatically*.

*Note: On the VS/GS Model, the Circ Pump will be on, and on some EL/GL Models, a continuous filtration pump** turns on automatically.  Also, on the VS/GS Models, Freeze Protect Mode overrides Priming Mode, and All pumps will be on in Freeze Protect Mode.

The purpose of Priming Mode is to allow the user to manually verify that the pumps are primed (which typically requires observing the output of each pump separately, which is generally not possible in normal operation).  Priming Mode lasts 4 minutes, but you can exit it earlier by pressing any Temp button.

 **Note: The term "circ pump" refers to a low-speed-only pump that is used for heating and possibly also for filtering.  If a continuously running low-speed-only pump is only used for filtering (not for heating), that is not called a circ pump, but instead may be referred to as a "continuous filtration pump". 

 You should verify priming on all pumps the first time you fill the spa with water, as well as each time you refill the spa with water (after having previously drained it).  You can skip Priming Mode if you're restarting the spa for some other reason (without the water having been drained since the last time the spa functioned properly).

 If you have a Circ Pump, do this first (EL version):

- Push the  Jets 1 button once.  This turns on pump 1, and also turns on the circ pump.

- Verify that both pump 1 and the circ pump are running and that water is flowing out of both their outlets into the spa.  If they're not, or you're not sure that both are (because you can't tell whether you have two separate flows at different rates or just one flow), momentarily turn both pumps off and on (by pressing  Jets 1 multiple times) to help the pumps to prime.  Do not do this more than 5 times.  Do not let the pumps run for a total of more than 2 minutes if they haven't primed by then.  Observe the panel display as you do this.  If you haven't successfully primed both pumps by the time the Priming Mode display ( Pr or  PRIMING MODE depending on panel) ends, turn off the spa IMMEDIATELY.

If after two minutes you cannot verify that water from the circ pump is flowing because the water motion from pump 1 obscures it, press the  Jets 1 button again until all pumps turn off.  Then press  Temp once to exit Priming Mode.  Unless the water is very cold, only the circ pump will start for one minute.  If you do not see water flowing from the circ pump outlet, IMMEDIATELY turn off power to the spa (as an attempt at heating will occur within a minute of the circ pump attempting to start).  (It's 2 minutes on the VS/GS, and 2 minutes on EL/GL versions earlier than 21.)  You cannot cycle the circ pump once you've exited Priming Mode, so go back to the previous step to try to prime it.

If you had to turn off power to the spa before both pumps primed, leave the spa off (with water in it) for at least a couple hours, then try the whole procedure again.  (Often just giving the water plenty of time to seep into every corner of the plumbing will take care of the problem.)

Note: The circ pump turns on by itself (without you needing to press a button).  So before pressing any buttons, verify that water is flowing from the circ pump outlet.  If it's not flowing after two minutes, turn the power off and let the spa rest for a few hours, then repeat.  If water is flowing from the circ pump outlet, proceed to test all the other pumps.

If the Circ Pump is primed, or if you Do Not have a Circ Pump, then:

- Repeat the action above for each numbered pump, one at a time, by pushing its corresponding  Jets button.  If a given pump has two speeds, press its  Jets button a second time to set it to high speed.  (High speed should be used for priming.)

- When you have verified a pump is successfully primed, press its  Jets button again to turn it off.  Then continue on to the next pump.

- If the display exits Priming Mode and shows dashes or a temperature or a mode indication (such as  Std or  Ecn or SLP) before you have finished verifying that all your pumps are primed, turn off the power at the main power panel IMMEDIATELY, then turn it back on, to initiate a new pump priming mode.

Important:  A pump should not be allowed to run without priming for more than 2 minutes.  Under NO circumstances should a pump be allowed to run without priming beyond the end of the 4 minute Priming Mode.  Doing so may cause damage to the pump and cause the system to go into an overheat condition.

If after repeated attempts (hours apart) you still cannot get all pumps to prime, consult a qualified spa technician.

Note: On the VS/GS,  if you're starting with very cold water, you may not be able to verify priming easily because freeze overrides priming mode and turns on all pumps at once (and doesn't allow you to turn pumps on and off).

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