The Edit Menu

The Balboa EL systems (2.1 and higher) have a user interface called the Edit Menu.

This menu contains several Submenus to allow changing various settings from an ML Control Panel.

Note: in the following discussion, the ‘Temp’ button can be Warm, Cool, or Temp, depending on the type of panel used.  Likewise, the ‘Light’ button can be any Spa-Light or Fiber-Optic Light button. Navigating the Menus is described HERE.

Accessing the Edit Menu

The Edit Menu is accessed using button sequence Temp, Jets1, Light.

After pressing Jets 1, the panel will display Edt, or F‘x’ on the display (‘x’ represents filter duration in hours and will show as 1, 2, 3, etc.). After pressing “Light,” you will see a display of the the first submenu in the list.


Depending on the system configuration, the following submenus are available on the Edit Menu:

tSt –        Test Mode (When DIP switch A1 is ON) - Service Techs ONLY.

ACd –        OEM Specific - if available.

USr –        User Preference settings

SId –        Displays SSID and firmware version number

gFC –        GFCI test features

Press a Temp button to cycle through the menu selections.