Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Trip Feature

Along with the EL Mach 3 System Software, a new GFCI Trip Feature is now available.

The purpose of this feature is to:

1, Verify that the spa has been properly installed in conjunction with a GFCI.

2, Allow the System to trip the GFCI in the event of an extreme overheat that is characterized by a stuck, or "welded" pump relay.

Note: Even though the GFCI Trip Feature may be available on a certain system, it can be disabled by OEM request.

Basic Functions When GFCI Trip is Enabled

The spa, when powered up at the customer's installation, will begin a GFCI Test countdown that can be factory set from 1 - 7 days. The GFCI can also be tripped manually via the Edit Menu interface titled gFC.

Button press instructions for initiating a GFCI trip manually can be found HERE.

If the spa is not installed with a GFCI and the system fails to sense a trip, the system will not allow the spa to operate unless a GFCI is properly installed.

If the spa water reaches a temperature of 110 degrees F, a "Stuck Relay Timer" will begin to count from 0 hours, while the system monitors water temperature over time.

If the spa goes through the typical Overheat Errors and continues on to exhibit specific temperature-rise-over-time requirements, the system will assume a pump relay is stuck ON, and has no ability to shut it off. In this condition, an attempt is made to trip the GFCI, which would shut off all power to the spa.

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