gFI  or  GFCI FAILURE  Message

The Control System Could Not Trip the "GFCI" (gFI).

The spa has determined that a GFCI is NOT properly installed in the circuit providing power to the spa, because an attempt was made to trip the GFCI and the expected power shut-down did not occur. 

If the spa is left in this state, no user functions will operate, but Freeze Protection remains active.

Cycling the power will clear the gFI  fault and run the test again.

Once a properly installed GFCI is detected and trips at the exact moment determined by the system, the spa considers the test passed. On the subsequent power-ups, the GFCI test is skipped because the proper flag has been set in the software.

Note: The GFCI Test Feature should only be Enabled in the United States and Canada.  Call Balboa Technical Service for Additional Help if this Spa is Installed in a country Other Than the United States or Canada.

The GFCI Status can be viewed by looking at the Edit Menu, or Continue for Additional Information.