HOt  or  HOT-CALL SVC  Message

A Pump appears to have been stuck ON before a GFCI trip, causing an extreme overheat.

If the extreme overheat conditions are determined, a spa with the GFCI Trip Feature enabled will trip the GFCI and shut down the power to the spa. If the GFCI does not trip for some reason, the gFI fault will appear and the HOt flag will be set.

If the spa is subsequently powered down and then powered up again, the HOt message will appear on the display and the spa will not be allowed to operate until a technician evaluates the spa and resets the HOt fault.

Note:  The HOt message indicates the spa WAS in an extremely serious condition before power was shut off to the spa. It may be possible for a stuck relay to free itself after the power cycle, but the spa cannot clear the the HOt message without starting up in Test Mode first. A service technician must carefully evaluate the pumps and circuit board before allowing the spa to run again.

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