Navigating the Menus

The following panel buttons are used to navigate through the various submenus and settings:

Any Temp Button – cycles through submenus and settings

Jets1 – performs select and enter functions

Any Light Button – exits to next higher menu level

For example, once the Edit Menu is entered, pressing a Temp button cycles through the submenus, pressing the Jets1 button enters the selected submenu, and the Light button exits the Edit Menu.

The SId, or Software ID submenu, and certain settings under the other submenus, behave differently when Jets1 is pressed.  This differences is noted in the Software ID submenu description.

The main Edit Menu has a five second timeout – if no panel button is pressed within five seconds the menu will be exited.  The submenus have a 30-second timeout.

Editing Settings

Each submenu has a list of settings shown with its current value.

Settings are cycled through using the Temp button, and Jets1 puts the current setting in edit mode.  While in edit mode the value portion (after the decimal point) will flash, and the Temp button is used to cycle between possible values for the setting.  Once the desired value is displayed the Jets1 button is pressed again to accept the new value.  If the Light button is pressed, or the menu times out, before the Jets1 button is pressed the new value is discarded and the original value of the setting restored.