Pump Stuck ON

The normal overheat safeguards in the EL System software are always given priority. If the spa goes through the typical Overheat Errors and goes on to exhibit specific temperature-rise-over-time criteria, the system will assume a pump relay is stuck ON, and has no ability to shut it off. This condition can continue to overheat the water, potentially causing catastrophic failure of the spa itself, and water temperature that is dangerous to a user. In this condition, the GFCI is tripped, shutting off all power to the spa.

Note: This is an extreme situation. These conditions require the Stuck Relay Timer to count up for at least 5 hours, with certain conditions requiring 10 or 24 hours of monitoring for this fault to occur.

There is no guarantee expressed or implied that this technology can detect all instances of an extreme overheat due to a stuck pump relay. There may be conditions that exist in which the spa control system will be unable to detect this condition. As a responsible adult, always check the control panel display for errors and verify safe water temperature before using a spa, and before allowing children to use a spa.