User Preferences Submenu

The User Preference submenu is entered by pressing Jets1 when USr is displayed on the panel.  This menu has three settings:

Sr -  Suppress Reminders

When set to Y, reminders are never displayed on the panel.  When set to n, all reminders to be displayed.

tc -    Temperature in Celsius

Temperatures are displayed on the panel in degrees Celsius if this is set to Y, Fahrenheit if n.

24 -   24-hour Time Display

Time is displayed in 24-hour (military) format if Y, 12-hour (am/pm) if n.

These settings will likely need to be reset after a service call, they do not affect the safe operation or performance of the spa.

A Note About Time of Day:

Time of day is preserved in 30-day battery backup on EL 5000 and EL 8000 Systems. Only panels that have a “Time” button can display time-of-day. All spa settings except time of day are preserved in persistent memory indefinitely, unless reset during service.

EL1000 and older EL2000 systems reset the time of day on each power-up, requiring time of day to be reprogrammed. Newer EL2000TC products can support panels with a Time button.