Infrared Receiver

The Balboa Infrared (IR) Receiver Modules are all installed in the same manner. There are several IR receivers available, so be sure to identify the correct version for the control system and application. These sensors are used in conjunction with the IR Dolphin and IR Phaser remote controls.

To install the sensor, first slide the included gasket over the connector and down the cord to position it behind the receiver lens.



From the visible side of the shell, slide the connector through a .750" diameter hole. This hole should be drilled as high as possible in the shell and must be above the normal waterline.

The sensor can be positioned in any number of locations. One convenient location is directly under the main control panel in the spa. This way the remote can be easily aimed at the sensor from across the spa when the user is farthest from the topside panel.


Install the included plastic nut over the connector, thread it onto the barrel of the sensor and gently tighten the nut to create an appropriate seal. Do not over-tighten!


Plug in the connector to J1 or J2 on VS and GS systems.

Note: The connector shown above is for EL and GL systems and may appear different for VS and GS systems.

Plug in the connector to the "Remote" connection (usually J20) on EL and GL systems.