M7 Application Guidelines

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The Balboa M-7 control is a revolutionary control system that provides additional reliability and ease of installation when compared to conventional spa control systems. The software-based M-7 control system makes decisions based upon temperature and flow conditions that exist within the heater. The system operates properly if there is a minimum of 20 gpm flowing through the heater under all hydraulic variables and at worst case conditions. This not only assures proper control operation, but also increases heater life.

The goal for the spa designer is to design a circulation system that, when used with the proper pump, will provide a uniform flow in either direction through the heater.
This uniform flow must occur during heating and filtering cycles and must not fall below 20 GPM under any circumstances, and in some cases must not fall below 25 GPM.

These guidelines are intended to help you design your spa to achieve this goal so that you can take advantage of the new Balboa M-7 control system. Please read these guidelines carefully and study the plumbing schematics before attempting to test the system or install it in a spa.