Other Plumbing Guidelines

Avoid inter-connection of the plumbing circuits for the 2-speed pump or for the circ pump with other pumps in the spa plumbing system for the purpose of freeze protection. The M-7 control system will provide freeze protection. There is also provision for remote sensing freeze protection if required.

Position inlets and jets in the spa so that they do not direct water flow towards suction fittings or skimmers. This will avoid a “thermal short circuit” and prevent excessive heater and pump cycling.

If service valves are a part of the circulation system for the 2-speed pump or for the circ pump, be sure to use valves that incorporate a means of “locking” in the open position.

If the 2-speed pump or the circ pump is replaced in the field by service personnel, the replacement used must equal or exceed the hydraulic specifications of the original pump.