pH and ORP Installation

IMPORTANT: The pH sensor is a very delicate measuring device. Keep the wetting cap on until you reach step 7 of the procedure. Any small scratch on the bulb will ruin the sensor. Due to possible problems caused by static electricity, please do not touch any component on the pH circuit board. Handle only by the outer edges of the board.



1.Turn the system power off.
2.Open the equipment access door and close both slice valves.
3.Install a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/2" FPT or 2" x 2" x 1/2" FPT reducer tee (depending upon size of pipe configuration) upstream in the circulation system from the heater. If possible, position the tee so that the through parts are horizontal and the 1/2 fpt port is rotated 45 from vertical.
4.Press the two stand-offs into the digital control board.
5.Install the pH board onto the control board. Important! The pH board must be installed component side up. Make sure that J20 or J11and the two stand-offs snap fit into the pH board.
6.Remove the wetting cap by twisting it counterclockwise and gently easing it off. It is recommended that this cap be retained for future long-term storage.
7.Rinse the measuring end of the sensor with  distilled water.
8.Remove any air bubbles in the bulb by pointing the pH bulb downward and shaking the sensor two or three times.
9.Install the pH sensor into the 1/2" FPT port of the tee previously installed by turning the sensor clockwise. Hand tighten only.
10.Feed the BNC connector (from the outside of the control box) through a hole on the bottom LEFT side of the box for a horizontally-mounted system.
11.Pass the BNC connector through a hole on the bottom RIGHT side of the control box for a vertically-mounted system.
12.Connect the BNC connector to the pH board. First align it with its mated connector, then press them together and then twist to lock them into place.
13.Open the slice valves.
14.Turn the system power on.

Note: If the spa is to be winterized, the pH sensor will need to be removed from the spa. The wetting cap filled with distilled water must then be reinstalled on the sensor and stored in an area to prevent freezing. Call Balboa for detailed instructions.