The MLM990H is the wireless panel solution in the ML line. Technically a Remote Panel, it is fully featured and offers nearly everything the MLM990S does.

Compatible with all EL and GL Systems
LED backlighting for display for excellent contrast; day or night.
Available in several colors.
Not waterproof.
Rechargeable - Wall mounted or free standing.
Download the User Guide or Quick Reference here.



This panel requires an ADCM Splitter or Hub to be installed in the System.

The panel communicates with the system using a wireless transceiver. The transceiver plugs into the Splitter or Hub.


Mount the Transceiver on a vertical surface with the arrow pointing up. Do not mount the Transceiver on or near metal objects that can interfere with the communication. The cord can be routed outside the spa cabinet, if needed allowing Transceiver to be mounted outdoors for better reception.