Check All Spa Equipment, Starting with the Pumps

Each piece of Spa Equipment that was Connected to the System Board will have to be Reconnected to the System Board and turned ON one at a time to see if that piece of Spa Equipment is Tripping the GFCI.

1.First we will Check All the Pumps.
2.Turn OFF the Power to the System.
3.Connect Pump 1 to the System Board.
4.Turn ON the Power to the System.
5.In Priming Mode ("Pr" Displayed), Turn ON Pump 1 to High Speed.
6.If the GFCI Trips with Pump 1 ON, Remove and Replace Pump 1, and then Retest.  If the GFCI does Not Trip, Continue to Step 7.

Pump has been Replaced - Retest

7.If there are More Pumps to be Connected to the System Board, Repeat Steps 2 through 6 for Each Pump until All Pumps are Connected and Tested.  If All Pumps have been Connected and Tested, Continue Test.

All Pumps Connected - Continue Test