Replace System Board

1.If the System Board has already been Replaced in a Previous Step or Previous Test, Select "System  Board Replaced Previously" Below.  If this is the first time, Continue to Step 2.

System Board Replaced Previously

2.The System Board needs to be Replaced to Correct the GFCI Tripping Problem.  If the System Board has Not been Previously Replaced, Turn OFF the Power to the System and Continue to the next step.
3.Remove and Replace the System Board with the Exact Same Part Number System Board.
4.Verify that All Dip Switches and, if applicable, all Configuration Setting Values are Set Correctly.
5.Reconnect All Spa Equipment to the New System Board.
6.Reconnect the Incoming Wires to System Board "TB1".
7.After the System is Powered back up, check for proper operation of all Control Panels and all Spa Equipment.
8.Make Sure the GFCI is Reset by turning it to OFF and then back ON again.
9.Did the GFCI Breaker Trip Again, after Installing the New System Board?.

YES         NO