Test Mode Submenus

The Test Mode Submenu is used during service by a qualified technician and is not intended for normal spa use or settings. Test Mode is accessed by turning on DIP Switch A1 before power-up.

After use of Test Mode, always return the spa to normal operation by turning OFF DIP Switch A1 and cycling the power.

In Test Mode, it is possible to access additional Submenus such as:

Ab - A/B Temperature Display

When set to y, the panel will alternately display the temperature readings of the A and B sensors while DIP switch A1 is On.

FL - Display Fault Log

This item is not editable – pressing Jets1 will cause the fault log to be displayed on the panel and navigated with the temperature buttons just as with previous EL systems.  It is only useful with an ML900 panel.

t8 - Extended Timeouts

When set to y, all system device timeouts (pumps, lights, etc.) will be 8 hours.  This mode itself will time out 8 hours after being set, at which time all device timeouts will revert to their normal values.

St - Suppress Spa Overheat

When set to Y, the software spa overheat condition will not be active.  This setting is used for safety agency testing of the hardware overheat circuitry.  A Y setting will time out after 8 hours, at which time the spa overheat will be re-enabled. Always leave this set to n.

All of the settings except FL retain their values regardless of the position of DIP switch A1.  Only the behavior of Ab is dependent on the setting of A1.  The settings are not persistent and revert to their normal conditions when power is removed from the system and reapplied.